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Saddletank Books are written with lots of facts to educate and inform but there has to be lots of entertaining fun bits too, and busy, colourful pictures. (otherwise our illustrator/ writer gats bored. Here are just a few comments from our customers who have enjoyed our books already..... Thanks you so much, it makes it worthwhile !!!

"That latest book is a cracker - can't wait for the next one!" Dan

Alex and Adam Harris at Camden Miniature Steam.

"They really are beautifully illustrated books, essentially tell true stories, and will be great for parents, or grandparents of younger children to read to them. We must hage got it right, as two of the Camden 'girls' each bought complete sets for that very purpose as soon as they saw them!"


"William, now 3, has been enjoying your books since his granny bought him the first few at the Bedfordshire Steam Fair". Kevin.

Penrhyn Review - Robin Willis

'Well produced and generously sized, historically accurate, I very much like these books and thoroughly recommend them. I greatly enjoyed reading them."

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"Thank you for signing the books for my grandchildren, they are amazing books", Jemma.


Austin loves his Alice book after we introduced him to the stories and Bala railway! It's his favourite engine and was over the moon when she was there last time we took him.

Alice is for my best friend's son George, this will be his first Saddletank book!

The Isabel is for my own son Idris, who already has several and LOVES your stories!

'We have just come back from Holiday in Devon where we discovered your books at the Devon Railway Center. My son is absolutely train mad. We have really enjoyed reading the 2 books bought, they are lovely", Sophie.

Lynda, "Haydn and William came to stay for the weekend, and they loved the Winifred story , can't wait for the next one."

"My son, Ziyad, lives and breathes steam engines and has built up a collection of your books from our previous visits to various heritage railways. He loves your books and they take a pride of place on his railway bookshelf, which has slowly been evolving into a railway bookcase(!) He particularly likes your books because they are based on real engines' stories, which to him is really important, and also as he loves to draw locomotives too and likes your illustrations a lot, how you bring them to life." Kathryn.

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Re copyright

Some people are still asking me about a copyright case over the first book.

This didn't go to full court and it was not won by the person suing me. It was settled our of court due to mounting legal costs. It really saddens me that we didn't manage to resolve it amicably. Some of the press mistakenly wrote the wrong details in their reporting, they then published apologies for the mistakes, which doesn't unfortunately appear on the web. I reprinted the book taking out anthropomorphization, so that there can be absolutely no claim over it at all. The book follows the facts given to me by Chris Scott and Birley, owners of Alice, a real  engine.

"I really wanted to let you know how truly amazing your work is and how much it's really appreciated by children, it really has helped Roman so much since we bought it", Elinor

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