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The Bala Lake RAilway

The home of Alice and Winifred... and more!

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Here are a few pictures from the books.

.and a link to videos of me reading the books.

Winfred Goes to America

The True History of Alice The Little Welsh Engine

  • The True History of Alice The Little Welsh Engine
  • Winifred Goes to America

No.1....that's Alice!

The True History of Alice The Little Welsh Engine

You can still visit Alice's shed up in the Dinorwic mountain, on Australia level. It's a fantastic climb.

A lot of the buildings and machinery are still there. I counted 40 wild goats when I went up, and the slate mountain is stunning.

Chris Scott really did keep Alice in his garden and she was pulled through the village behind a tractor. The marks in the ground are still there. And dear Mrs Hyde sold books on the platform to raise money for her repair.

No.2 & No.3... Winifred of course

Winifred Goes to America and Winifred Comes Home

This engine is older than Alice and she really did travel across to America on the Manchester Progress. Theres a photo of the 3 men unloading her at the dock which I used as a reference and she really was No.1. in the auction!

And of course, she was brought back with Ogwen and Glyder, who are owned by Graham Morris and owner of Peter Pan too.

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Winifred Comes Home

  • YouTube
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It's always great to meet people at the Alice Gala day that we have in the summer.
Below are some of the 
amazing engines you'll see at the Bala Lake Railway
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