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The Leighton Buzzard Railway

The home of Chaloner and Peter Pan


The latest book is on this wonderful coffee pot engine, built by De Winton.

They produced around 70 locos from 1868 to 1897... and all sorts of machines and iron things. 

I was so amazed by all the stuff they did that I filled the credit page with drawings of some of them and I made up a little poem about the men and their work


In the  1890's there were over 3000 men and boys working in the quarry, and there were 7 blondins in Pen-yr- Orsedd. 

I'll be posting some photos soon of my walk up to the quarry and of the loco and sketches

I now have a little blondin that runs on my layout.


No.4...Peter Pan

This engine worked very hard, he built the London to Southend Road, and then he went to work in the stone quarries in Devon.

He was very lucky to be saved by Max Sinclair, and to be restored by an enthusiastic group of young men, Peter Pan went on to travel to all the places in the book. Huge thanks to Graham Morris, his owner for many years , who very kindly supplied me with so much information about Peter Pan.

peter pan.png
tshirt peter pan.JPG

Pop along to The Leighton Buzzard Railway if you can to see all the amazing engines that they have and the newly refurbished station. You can find out more info at

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