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Polar Bear is now at the Amberley Heritage Museum in East Sussex, where there's lots of exciting things to see and do.

Sea Lion is still at Groudle Glen, taking tourists through the leafy glen to the cafe and caves where the animals used to be. There's so much more to do on the Isle of Man too.


The driver of Polar Bear really did have a nasty turn. He didn't tell the railway he was epileptic.

Although nowadays we can see that it's very sad to keep Polar Bears and Sea Lions captive in such a way, please remember that in Victorian times, they still sent children up chimneys, soap was only just invented. There were more wild birds and animals in Great Britain too.

If you want to do your bit now, help save hedgehogs and birdlife and grow plants for bees.

About Polar Bear and Sea Lion and where they are now.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is at the Leighton Buzzard Railway. With their newly refurbished station and lots of engines, it's a great place to visit.

Peter Pan really did work very hard, building the London to Southend Road, and working in the stone quarries in Devon.

He was very lucky to be saved by Max Sinclair and restored, and he went on to travel to all the places in the book, thanks to Graham Morris , his owner for many years, who very kindly supplied me with loads of information about Peter Pan.