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Art is about having fun. Contact me if you'd like me to visit your school for books days.

I'm very keen to enthuse and encourage budding artists with demos, creative ideas  and projects and I've got lots of experience from running my popular Saturday Kids art club.  I visit lots of societies to do demos and workshops.

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"The ship 'Manchester Progress' was scrapped very soon after she took Winifred to America, as were many of the LIners of this era, and there is a Liner society for enthusiasts.

Winifred really was 'Lot no. 1' in the auction."

"In Winifred's book I used a lot of ideas on clothing and people in America in the 50's,  by looking at paintings of  one of my favourite artists , Norman Rockwell. The auction cartoon was inspired by his picture 'Freedom of Speech"

"I loved reading to my 3 sons when they were small, and I enjoyed putting on silly voices and playing the parts, so I've tried to make the books fun to read out loud. One of my favourite illustrators is Edward Ardizonne. He illustrated a children's book on trains which was written by Graham Green."

" Researching the history always seems to open up even more interesting facts. Have a look at the Norfolk Virginia archives for more info on 50's America, and did you know that the only bird found to migrate from the uk to America is the red necked phalarope!"

Think in Ink ! and paint and pencil...too.

Always draw, you see more!

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I love making things to encourage everyone to get had fun making the models and the fibreglass faces on the engines too. And I was the visiting author artist at a Sir Nigel Gresley event with Michael Portillo too.

I've always worked as an artist and illustrator. Here are some of my books . You can see some more serious stuff on my other website below and follow me on pauline hazelwood instagram and facebook artist site too.

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