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Saddletank  Books


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 True stories about real engines (still printed in Wales of course)

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A new edition of Alice is out now with more real facts. Visit her at the Bala Lake Railway

No. 2

Winifred's true life adventure of her work and travels.  See her at The Bala Lake Railway too.

No. 3

Back home and fully restored. Read the exciting story of her return !!

And a fun filled activity book with rhymes, quizes, colouring in and more

book kid wales

No. 4

All about this well travelled, hard working little engine, now at the Leighton

Buzzard Railway

Written and illustrated by

Pauline Hazelwood

  Not an engineer...just a crazy,

artist mum ! Always happy to

sign books when you order them and I still write a little letter too.

polar bear and sea lion cover


No. 1 ...the welsh version of Alice !

No. 5

The exciting tale of these two engines when they were together on the Isle of Man.

Polar Bear is now at Amberley.

There are now 7 story books for you to collect !!  and 1 activity book, with more in the pipeline, 

full of fun historical facts ..a great way to find out more about their history!

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     The latest book No. 7,

for the oldest heritage

railway in the world.

The Ffestiniog Railway

cover Isabel

No. 6

Fascinating info on road building, see the real photo of Isabel, on the Amerton page and visit Amerton Railway. It's great !

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Look out for the next book . Hope to see you at an event this year, on the contact page !

All events have been cancelled due to the  virus, but hoping that things will improve soon.