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Saddletank  Books


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 True stories about real engines

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1st book

A new edition of Alice is out now with more real facts. Visit her at the Bala Lake Railway !

The books are still printed in Wales and the magnets and bags are made in the UK too..just as the engines were, that I'm writing about.

2nd book

Winifred's true life adventure of her work and travels.  See her at The Bala Lake Railway too.

3rd book

Back home and fully restored. Read the exciting story of her return !!

And a fun filled activity book with rhymes, quizes, colouring in and more

book kid wales

4th book

All about this well travelled, hard working little engine, now at the Leighton

Buzzard Railway

Written and illustrated by Pauline Hazelwood,

not an engineer         ...just a crazy,

artist mum !

I'm always happy to sign your books when you order them !!

...and I still write a little letter too.
polar bear and sea lion cover


...the welsh version of Alice !

5th book

The exciting tale of these two engines when they were together on the Isle of Man.

Polar Bear is now at Amberley.

There are now 7 story books for you to collect !!

and 1 activity book, with more in the pipeline, full of fun historical facts ..a great way to find out more about their history!

stckers on covers 20170716_104437 20170716_104550 20170716_110131 20170716_110041 Gresley day

With Michael Portillo at Hadley Wood Station when we were both invited to hand out awards at the

Sir Nigel Gresley celebration.

I was the local celeb author !!!! lol

final welsh cover

The latest book HAS GONE TO PRINT   No.7 ...

for the oldest heritage railway

in the world.



Some of my serious stuff in this website


cover Isabel

Yes another book is off to the printers in Wales!

in time for  Christmas of course

Collect the series of true

stories about real engines

6th book

Fascinating info on road building, see the real photo of Isabel, the girl who named this engine, on the Amerton page...and do pay them a visit!

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