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'All my books are based on true historical stories involving this country's railway heritage and all Saddletank products are made in Britain.

I write, Illustrate and produce them and I'm keen to liaise with schools and local railway groups to encourage interest in local history, mechanical and industrial engineering

..and painting and drawing too !!'


The 1st book is about Alice, a Quarry Hunslet locomotive who worked at Dinorwic Quarry and is based on facts supplied by Chris Scott.

A new nonfiction text is in the revised reprint of 2016 due to a hiccup with a contributor of the first edition...the same pictures are still there !!

The 2nd book is about Winifred who worked at the Penhryn Quarry, is bought by an american and ends up in a museum in Indianapolis.

The 3rd book tells of Winifred's exciting return from America with Ogwen and Glyder, two other narrow gauge engines.

The 4th book is a fun packed activity book !

The 5th book is about Peter Pan !!! who is a record breaker !!

Saddletank Books will be in Exeter next weekend, then Southend in November !



With full colour illustrations on every page and a map to follow the route that the engines take, these 1,000 word picture books for the very young, make great bedtime reading!

You can ask for a special dedication to be added by the author and illustrator, ...that's me ! :) when ordering your book !

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'Woohoo!' cried Alice in her newly oiled voice.

Saddletank  Books

True stories about real engines!

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 by Pauline Hazelwood

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Latest book

is with us now !!

"If you have a complimentary product that you'd like to sell at events with my cartoon loco images, let me know. I'm getting fed up with doing everything on my own."


Revised non fiction edition of Alice out in

just 2 weeks !!!!!

Alice 2 frontcover